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Property Management

We are a property management firm that has been in business since 1970. The president and owner of the business is Merlin Bushert. He was president of the Southwest Michigan Landlord Association for 2 years. He was secretary and then treasurer of the State Association of Michigan Landlords for 2 years.

We manage over 300 rental units in the Berrien County area. Our experienced staff screens prospective tenants. We know and abide by the statues of Michigan on the "lock out law", security deposit law and the Truth in Renting Act. We are able to complete evictions for you along with an attorney that we have hired for a special rate.

Our management fee is 10% of all monies received. When rent monies are received, you should receive your check from us within 3 days. At your request, we will pay mortgage payments, taxes, insurance and any other obligations, out of your account.

We field all telephone calls on repairs, complaints, etc and will call your repair man or use our best judgment as to who should be called. We have maintenance men available if you do not have your own. We charge $50.00 per hour plus any materials. As being owner of the property, you are responsible for all expenses that occur. We take away your headaches!

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